Google hack

I am quite sure that almost all of us have been atleast once disappointed by Google while searching for music files. Of course, this I speak of those who don't use bittorrent clients. Most of the search results lure us to the sites which end up asking us for $$$ to download the song. So, here's a nice Google search hack, for all of you , which has till date not disappointed me.
Suppose you have to download a song, say 'Strangers in the night'. So, instead of googling this song, google this :
intitle:"index.of" (mp3)

Notice the '.' in between the words of the song. You can also use '_' in place of '.'.
The search results that Google shows are the directories of various sites which actually have this file in mp3 format. Replacing mp3 by mpg, avi, etc .. should give you results for videos.
Bitsians, you don't need to remember this little hack, because I have made a simple webpage wherein you just need to enter the song name normally, without the '.' or '_'. You can access the page at .

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Kamal (visit their site)

nice!! :)

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sexy template...grt posts...rock on my book p .. we are waiting to hear more from u!!!!