I love Google !!!

You cannot possibly think of anything that you wont be able to find on the internet. There are billions of webpages already existing and probably hundreds or perhaps even more webpages coming up daily. But just think for a minute, what would have happened if there was no Google ?? Well, I am quite sure that all this information would be useless.
If it had not been for Google, I would not be able to do anything with computers that I can do now. In fact, I am afraid I wouldn't even know all this stuff. Every time Windows flashes any stupid error, Google comes to the rescue. Google has now become more of a verb than a noun. I wonder if I would have been able to complete my college projects or fix people's computers without Google.
But the search engine is not the only thing that makes Google what it is. Services and applications like GMail, Google Talk, Google Apps, Google Earth, Google Sky ...... make it an indispensable part of our lives. And all its applications share this unique blend of simplicity and style which makes it all the more lovable. Well, I can go on and on... I just love to love Google. (and to hate Yahoo!)
What amazes me is why Google hasn't come up with an OS (free, of course) yet, with all the super geniuses it has. That, for me, would be the ultimate way to kick Microsoft in the ass.
I am a huge fan or more of a worshiper of Google. My friends say that I love and advocate Google so much that even if the company hires me for nothing, I would join it. But I am quite sure that they wont hire me even if I pay them! :)

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