How to edit Grub boot order

     Phewwww!!! Finally, some relief from tests and tuts... It's been a long time since my last post. Life has been just too busy all this time ... painfully busy.
     A lot of people have recently asked me about changing the GRUB boot order, having installed linux quite enthusiastically. So here's a HOW-TO for the same :

sudo gedit /boot/grub/menu.lst

      Now you can customize and configure your GRUB boot loader from here. The first option you will find is 'default'. The default value for this option is 0.

default 0

      You just need to change this 0 to 3/4/5 according to the OS you want to boot by default. Generally, 0 will be for the linux kernel, 1 for recovery mode and 2 for the memory testing mode. Changing this default value is all you have to do. You can also enable colored GRUB menu by uncommenting the 'color' option. For newbies, uncommenting means deleting the '#' from the line

#color cyan/blue white/blue

      I hope that helps you BD !!! :)

2 Responses to "How to edit Grub boot order"

Anonymous (visit their site)

Thats a fundoo thing..we did it via gui trying for a boot loader image...
can u tell us more this recovery mode and other modes like failsafe??

shaji (visit their site)

thanks for the note on boot order..let me go try it out

P.s (cool background)