How to add Awn main menu applet in AWN 0.3.2

As soon as I read about the release of Avant Window Navigator 0.3.2 on tuxmachines, I decided to install it on my Ubuntu 8.10 from the Awn Core PPA repos. The latest Awn 0.3.2 has seen a few applets been removed, one of them being the good old AWN main menu. This is a quick guide to add the AWN main menu applet in AWN 0.3.2.

1. Download awn-extras-applets-trunk_0.3.1~bzr1072-intrepid1-1_i386.deb. This is a debian package from the PPA awn-testing repos of a previous version which has the relevant AWN main menu files.

2. Open the debian file with any archive manager. It will have a file named data.tar.gz or something. Open that file and browse to "/./usr/lib/awn/applets/" directory where you will find "main-menu" directory. Extract the "main-menu" directory to "/usr/lib/awn/applets/".

3. Almost done! All you need to do now is create a .desktop file.
sudo gedit /usr/share/avant-window-navigator/applets/awnmenu.desktop

Paste the following in the file and save it.

[Desktop Entry]
Name=Awn Main Menu
Comment=Avant's System Menu

That's it !! You are done !!! Just restart AWN and add the applet from the list.

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Mark (visit their site)


I'm a developer for Awn/Awn Extras.

The Awn Main Menu applet was not removed from 0.3.2. However, the Awn Extras packages in the Awn Core PPA is split up into different applet packages (as it is in the official Debian/Ubuntu repositories). The applet you're looking for is in the awn-applets-c-extras package.

Thanks for promoting Awn/Awn Extras!


Natthu (visit their site)

Ohhh ... thanks a lot for pointing that out to me ...

陳恭娟 (visit their site)

IS VERY GOOD..............................